In the Flow has evolved over the years from sources such as  Aikido, Somatics, Body Psychotherapy, Movement education, Non Violent Communication, Bioenergetics, Rolfing and the ups and downs of life experiences . . .

It’s focus is to bring a sense of awareness to when we experience resistance, rigidity or opposition in our internal world, to recognize when we are acting from this place, allowing ourselves to become immersed in the limited view of judgment, criticism and blame.

Our internal flow invites collaboration, a feeling of coordination between our Head, Heart and Hara (Center). Flow supports a feeling of compassionate presence, maintains flexible healthy boundaries, allowing us to communicate from a place of authentic truthfulness . . .

Thank you for joining us on our journey home!

Moylan Ryan is in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona as a Somatic Coach. He works with and through the body, exploring historical, psychological, social, spiritual, linguistic and emotional aspects of an individual. Body Centered Coaching contributes to both cognitive and physiological change, supporting individuals to reconnect with their values, purpose and intention as they move forward in their world.



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